Condition of SSSI units

Compiled: 01 Oct 2014

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Condition of SSSI units

Team - Cornwall, Devon And The Isles Of Scilly - SSSI name - Pentle Bay, Merrick And Round Islands - Staff member responsible for site - Julie Webber



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South West  Cornwall  Isles Of Scilly  Dwarf shrub heath - lowland  Julie Webber  1010570  38.00  03 Sep 2009  Unfavourable recovering  The main serious threat to the heathland and sand dune habitats is the huge number of alien introduced plants that have become established. Agapanthus, Furcrea, Rhodostachys amongst others are frequent across the site and in places very abundant. The HLS agreement in place with Tresco Estate should be amended to secure works to control these invasive exotics across the designated dune and heathland habitats in order to secure favourable condition. If this work cannot be secured the site will fall into unfavourable declining condition. Further discussion with Tresco Estate required. All notified vascular plants are in favourable condition presently but are again, in the long term, threatened by the spreading exotic invasive species. Storm Petrel: 183 pairs on Round Island in 2000 and 251 pairs in 2006. Other designated seabirds are declining in numbers, however the habitat remains suitable and management is in place where appropriate to monitor and manage predators. The Seabird Strategy aims to address the issues associated with declining numbers of seabirds accross the Isles of Scilly. Lichens to be assessed in 2010.   
South West  Cornwall  Isles Of Scilly  Supralittoral rock  Julie Webber  1010571  0.03  03 Sep 2009  Unfavourable recovering  Common tern numbers are declining, however the Seabird Strategy for the Isles of Scilly should address some key issues related to decling seabird numbers accross the Islands.   
South West  Cornwall  Isles Of Scilly  Supralittoral rock  Julie Webber  1010572  4.60  03 Sep 2009  Favourable  Storm Petrel - 183 pairs in 2000, 251 pairs in 2006. SPA Counts used. Isles of Scilly Seabird strategy guides the seabird conservation work.   
Report completed.