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Alder Moors
Ali's Pond
Ambarrow Court
Arthur Jacob Nature Reserve
Bisham Woods
Blundells Copse (Part of West Reading Woodlands)
Bradnam Wood
Braywick Park
Carpenter's Wood, Dungrove Hill
Clayfield Copse
Cocksherd Wood
Edgbarrow Woods
Englemere Pond
Farley Copse
Hayley Green Wood
Haymill Valley
Herschel Park
Holt Copse & Joel Park
Hosehill Lake
Jock's Copse
Lavells Lake (Dinton Pastures)
Longmoor Bog
Lousehill Copse (Part of West Reading Woodlands)
Maiden Erlegh Lakes
McIlroy Park (Part of West Reading Woodlands)
Ockwells Park
Padworth Common
Park Woods, Gouldings Wood
Pearman's Copse
Piggy Wood
Round Copse
Sutherland Grange
Swallowfield Meadow
Temple Copse
Thatcham Reedbeds
The Gullet
The Marshes
Tinkers Copse
Whitegrove Copse
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