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Project title: Aliís Pond
Region: South East
Applicant: Sonning Parish Council
Relevant local authority area: Wokingham District Council
LNR(s): Ali's Pond
Ref No: SE/TM/01/06
Project duration: March 2002- August 2004

Project summary:
A grant was awarded to Sonning Parish Council to develop and enhance Aliís Pond local nature reserve (LNR). This includes: enhancing the nature conservation value; focusing on the biodiversity action plan (BAP) priority species existing on the site; encouraging community participation through the establishment of a ĎFriends Groupí and implementation of site management plan. Ecological surveys will be undertaken to develop detailed species lists, including establishing the size and status of populations. The local primary school will be engaged and other local schools will have the chance to develop and take part in educational activities on the site including direct learning from pond dipping. The site is accessible to wheelchair users. There will be a project launch and a website is to be created along with an e-mail network. Additionally newsletters and local newspaper articles will help to promote the site. Talks will be provided to local schools and community groups to raise awareness and encourage participation and ownership.

Site description:
Aliís Pond LNR was established in March 1997. The reserve is a small field of 0.44 hectares in the centre of the Parish. The main feature of the site is a large pond which supports a variety of plants, invertebrates and amphibians including a breeding colony of Great Crested Newts. It supports other UK Biodiversity Action Plan species including Stag Beetle, Song Thrush and resident local BAP species.

Alastair Driver

Last updated:
01 April 2003

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