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Daneway Banks - Unit 1

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Staff member responsible for SSSI unit: Paul Hackman
Unit ID: 1014171
Unit area: 16 hectares
Main habitat: Calcareous grassland - lowland
Condition:   Favourable
Latest assessment date: 06 December 2012
Condition assessment comment: Daneway Banks is notified for its (CG3-5) limestone grassland, vascular plants and scrub. The 2009 assessment was favourable borderline due to the scrub and long sward. This time (10 August 2012) positive indicator species (9 Freq, 3 Occasional and 4 Rare), herb to grass ratio (61%), grass litter (<5%), and bare ground (5%) were all favourable. Average sward height was favourable (10 cm) but on the long side for a site associated with short sward species, however this may be in part due to the assessment taking place outside of recommended visiting period and the very wet summer. Also scrub in the sward was favourable on average but some stops had frequent scrub. The cut-leaved germander and cut-leaved self heal were both seen and conditions were considered to be suitable for the vascular plants assemblage (disturbed soil conditions are created for the former). Scrub is present on some of the steep slopes which is where it is historically found and provides complementary habitat, in particular for invertebrates. However, it should not be allowed to spread onto areas of open grassland. The unit condition was better than in 2009 and the unit can be considered as favourable. However, there are still some concerns with regards sward height and scrub in the sward for a site mostly associated with short sward species. Management recommendations Grazing pressure should continue to reduce the average sward height and scrub works to reduce the overall levels of scrub. However, the grazing should not detrimentally affect plants during their flowering season.
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