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Juniper Hill, Edgeworth - Unit 1

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Staff member responsible for SSSI unit: Paul Hackman
Unit ID: 1013485
Unit area: 11 hectares
Main habitat: Broadleaved, mixed and yew woodland - lowland
Condition:   Unfavourable no change
Latest assessment date: 19 March 2012
Reason for adverse condition: Other - specify in comments, undergrazing
Condition assessment comment: Notified for CG3-5 grassland and juniper scrub. Grassland on southern part of the unit is under-grazed so have discussed increasing grazing pressure with the owner. Juniper is getting swamped by secondary woodland and damaged by deer on northern part of the unit. Planted out juniper cuttings on southern section are doing very well but fence needs removing. Need an overall strategy as to how to manage the juniper to achieve favourable condition.
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