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Soudley Ponds - Unit 1

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Staff member responsible for SSSI unit: Alisa Swanson
Unit ID: 1013478
Unit area: 6 hectares
Main habitat: Standing open water and canals
Condition:   Favourable
Latest assessment date: 08 December 2010
Condition assessment comment: The open water and wet woodland have been assessed favourable borderline with concern over shading in both habitats - need to keep up with coppice management to try and increase amount of open space. The aquatic plant interests in the ponds have not changed significantly since 2005. The main invertebrate interest are 1) the wet beetle assemblage which concentrate around the transitionory zones between the open water and wet woodland which has been maintained. 2) The breeding dragonfly assemblage which has still not been fully assessed as only the larvaes have been surveyed. 3) the white clawed crayfish population is thriving with several hundreds specimens recorded in the brook between the ponds.
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