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Bull Cross, The Frith And Juniper Hill - Unit 1

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Staff member responsible for SSSI unit: Paul Hackman
Unit ID: 1013245
Unit area: 23 hectares
Main habitat: Broadleaved, mixed and yew woodland - lowland
Condition:   Favourable
Latest assessment date: 16 November 2012
Condition assessment comment: This unit is notified for its beech woodland which is mainly closed canopy high forest. Canopy cover is mainly beech with some ash especially in the south-east section. The trees are mainly mature to medium age with few veterans. The understorey is variable with mainly hazel, holly, elm, field maple and yew and young trees of the above. The diverse ground flora is rather sparse but typical of a closed canopy beech woodland with bluebell, dog’s mercury, wood anemone, wild garlic, sweet woodruff, yellow archangel, etc. Open space is patchy and veteran trees rare but these (along with the woodland structure) are typical of the beech woodland. Fallen deadwood is frequent and standing deadwood adequate but could be increased. Regeneration is present at all stops but it is mainly ash rather than beech. Deer browsing is moderate and not significantly affecting regeneration at present but that may change. Similarly, non native sycamore is currently averaging under 5% but in places it is higher and this needs to be monitored. Some non native plants (such as periwinkle) are also present and may become a problem if not tackled soon. The woodland has an appropriate structure and composition for a closed canopy beech woodland and can be considered as favourable. However, future threats with regards beech regeneration, deer browsing and sycamore are present.
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