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Edge Common - Unit 1

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Staff member responsible for SSSI unit: Paul Hackman
Unit ID: 1012954
Unit area: 20 hectares
Main habitat: Calcareous grassland - lowland
Condition:   Favourable
Latest assessment date: 27 October 2011
Condition assessment comment: The unit has been unfavourable for many years due to under grazing. Initially this was because there was no fencing and consequently no grazing. More recently, it was because the grazing was only allowed in the autumn months under the Commons consent which wasn’t adequate. Favourable condition is also complicated by the fact that the Duke of Burgundy (which is a notified feature) requires light grazing and the site (to compensate for years of under grazing) needs a tighter grazing regime. Hence favourable condition has been a slow journey to ensure suitable conditions for both the butterfly and calcareous grassland. This assessment saw a big improvement in the condition of the grassland compared to 2006. Positive indicators (6 Freq, 7 Occ and 7 Rare), Herb ratio (49%), sward height (13.5 cm) and litter (16%) are all now favourable compared to 2006. Extent, tree cover (2%), negative indicators (3%), and bare ground (6%) are all also favourable. Additionally, cowslips are occasional across the site which meets favourable condition requirements.
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