Condition of SSSI units

Compiled: 01 Oct 2014

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Condition of SSSI units

Team - Cornwall, Devon And The Isles Of Scilly - SSSI name - Treen Cliff - Staff member responsible for site - Vaughan Robbins



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South West  Cornwall  Penwith  Dwarf shrub heath - lowland  Vaughan Robbins  1003414  48.56  12 Aug 2010  Unfavourable recovering  Spectacular cliff site with wide range of maritime cliff and heathland habitats. Scrub and bracken encroachment are deminishing the interest and the site needs to be grazed. Maritime cliff habitat types MC1 and MC5 need to be added to the notifiable features. Removal of the rogue sycamores would enhance the site as well as a control of invasive species.    
Report completed.